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Video Games We Wish Were Movies

Video games and movies haven’t always made the best bed fellows. However, with this year’s Warcraft and upcoming Assassin’s Creed movies looking like it might...

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TV and Movie References Hidden In Fallout 4

Fallout 4’s Commonwealth is, of course, a vast wasteland, ripe for exploration. But it would appear that the designers themselves are fans just like the rest of us,...

Xbox 360 Titles You Should Revisit on Xbox One

With 150 Xbox 360 titles no working with backwards compatibility on Xbox One, you might be thinking about reliving some classics. Sadly, Skyrim isn’t available (yet),...

Xbox 360 Titles Worth Revisiting

Recently, Microsoft released their up to date list of 130 Xbox 360 games which are backwards compatible on the Xbox One. While not all are gems, there are a few worth...

N64 Classics You Must Play

Whether you’re a child of the 90s or not, you should look onto the N64 fondly. Sure, it was the last console to ever use cartridges, and had the weirdest controller...

The Best Free Games on Steam

Steam is an awesome service that gets a lot of credit for its low prices, but the truth is that there are tons of great games to play for absolutely free.

Best WWE Games Of The Last Decade

It's Wrestlemania Season and why not take a stroll down memory lane by remembering some of the best games WWE/WWF has given us over the last decade.

Eight of the Best Sports Games Ever Created

Who didn't love to play Wii Sports? Or MLB featuring Ken Griffey, Jr. Some of these are some of the best sports games ever that still hold up! See if yours made the list

7 Of The Best Gaming Consoles Ever!

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